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On the Farm

Things are starting to pick up.

A few weeks ago Bill and I attended the FairShare CSA Coalition’s Inaugural Vegetable Conference in Madison. It was very informative with workshops focusing on several different vegetables, the importance of cover crops, maintaining a healthy environment in the greenhouse, and farm life balance.

It came at just the right time for Bill and me. The slower pace of winter had lulled us into a place of waiting. The conference coupled with a relaxing weekend away with family was just the jump start we needed to get us excited for the summer season.

Since then several sunny days have dared us to stay inside! Yesterday after a morning of math and reading lessons, along with keyboarding practice for the kids, we headed out. Bill and I went to the tunnels to harvest, Liam hardened a new knife on his forge, Aidan, inspired by the thawing conditions, began cleaning out his rabbit shed, and Marlee enticed the cats that made the garage their winter home to visit the barn. It felt good to be out and hear the sounds of everyone busy in the fresh air.

I hope you are having a chance to being outside also.

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