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Border Aussie Puppies

This wonderful cross includes the positive traits of both parent breeds - Australian Shepherd x Border Collie.

We're planning for Fall 2024 litters.
(probably born in September and ready for pick up in November)

How does this work?

  1. Puppy price is $1500.

  2. Contact us first! And if all sounds good --

  3. Secure your spot in line to choose your puppy with a non-refundable deposit of $300

  4. After the puppies are born, pick out your pup in order of deposit, and another $450 holds your choice. 

  5. The remaining  balance of $750 is due when you pick up your new best buddy to go home at 8 weeks!

The combination of being very smart and purposeful makes these active dogs

quick to learn.Their positive attitude toward life makes them great candidates for many activities such as agility, hiking, swimming, obedience training, herding, tracking, playing games, learning tricks as well as loyal companions. 

Puppies go to their forever home with

  1. Veterinarian Wellness Check, Worming if needed, and a 30 day Health Guarantee.

  2. Raw food diet & a couple raw food starter or transition meals whichever the case may be for you.  *Exception if puppy is flying home.

  3. Toys with Mom's and littermate's scent to ease their transition to your home.

  4. Puppy Pads for the ride home as well as at home. (We continue using the washable pads after potty training is completed. They can be used in kennels, vehicles, and on the couch when we invite one of our dogs up!)

  5. Enyzmatic cleaner to help clean up after inevitable accidents. 

  6. The best beginning ever! Our goal is to encourage and support each puppy's confidence. Pups are raised in the house with us and are socialized to adults, kids, other dogs. We provide outside exploration time, exposure to kennels, short car rides, and lots and LOTS of love! 


We want you to enjoy many happy years with your new companion.


With that goal in mind,

we do everything we can to get you started by giving your puppy

the best start

physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Your puppy deserves that, and so do you.




SOCIALIZATION: Parents on-site as they are our pets. As such, they live and work side by side with us on our farm. And the puppies do the same. Born in a whelping pen next to our kitchen, they're used to being around people.


They are with us all day, everyday, and get lots of play, attention, love, and

interaction with the five of us.


We start taking them outside for exercise and potty breaks when they started weaning. They love following each other out to explore for short breaks, and then, when we call, to come running back pell mell back in

for treats and inside playtime.

They hang out with all our dogs and have some experience with cats.

They're well on their way to being well-socialized. 


We follow a species appropriate Rotational Monofeeding Diet for all our dogs, including the puppies. It essentially involves feeding raw meat and bones on some days and plant-based meals (some cooked, some raw) on other days based on the way canines have evolved to eat.

Although pups are fed only raw meat for their first year to year and a half. Meat can include chicken, turkey, duck, beef, rabbit, venison.


We do this to avoid burdening a dog’s body with foods it cannot cleanly digest, which in turn causes waste to accumulate in the system. Since this accumulation of waste causes all dog disease, addressing the diet is disease prevention. 


Since we switched our dogs’ diet, they glow with health. Their coats are softer and shinier than ever before, their teeth are whiter and the little plaque that was at the top of their back teeth is gone, they are full of energy, and the seizures our middle-aged Aussie (not related to these pups) was having every couple of months have disappeared.  


While there are no guarantees in life, we feel prevention through a natural healthy diet brings the promise of a longer lived, healthier dog.


Of course, it will be your choice of what you feed your puppy. You have to decide what will work best for you. If you decide to continue feeding as we do, we have resources and information to help you! 


And if you decide to feed a conventional kibble diet or something other than what we’re feeding, there shouldn’t be any problem to change your pup over. Just realize it will be a brand-new experience for your pup, and there may be a few days of adjustment.

Since we grow pastured raised, organic-fed beef and chicken on our farm, that's what Mom "io" ate throughout her pregnancy and while she was nursing. It's also what we wean the pups on.


Ground chicken and turkey at first and then transitioning to bigger pieces.


By the time Mom naturally and fully weans them from her milk, at approximately 6 1/2 weeks, they're eating pieces of chicken with the bone in but skin removed (wings, drumsticks, breast, thighs. etc.).


They have all the natural instincts and ability to tear the meat off and chew the bones. A side benefit = lots of chewing time on the appropriate-sized bones means less chewing on us and our furniture!


However you decide to feed your new puppy, you can be secure knowing he or she had the best beginning diet possible!

Our Females = registered Australian Shepherds   io & Tansy  
Our Male =
registered Border Collie 

io (pronounced  "eye-oh")

Eyes = green/amber mix

Coat = red tri with white & copper trim

Weight = 37 lbs

Height = 19.5 in

MDR 1 gene test = negative

OFA = clear by parentage


io's a joiner and wants to be included in any job, fun, or activity that's happening. She's very affectionate but don't let that sweetness fool you. She is loyal and alerts us if anything's out of the ordinary.


io is firmly rooted in our hearts with her desire to be with us and her happy wigglyness!

Dash & io.jpg


Eyes = one blue eye & one blue/brown eye 

Coat = blue merle medium rough

Weight = 46 lbs

Height = 21

MDR 1 gene test = negative

OFA = clear by parentage

Dash is always ready to go. He's never met a stick he doesn't love and will play fetch with anyone that's game! He's happy to snuggle up on the couch next to us too!


A great companion, he makes us smile at both his joy for life and his antics.

Snow play.jpg


Eyes = Amber

Coat = Red tri

Weight = 40

Height = 20

MDR 1 gene test = negative

OFA = clear by parentage

Tansy is a curious sweetheart who loves to play with whoever is ready! She loves toys, chicken feet treats, and chasing io. Lol.

Tansy, from Dec 2023.jpg

Dash & io


  • Be clear on the reasons you want a dog and spend some time figuring out what “job” your new companion will have. It could be one of the above suggestions or something else. These breeds are working dogs that want a purpose and will be both physically and mentally more healthy with one.

  • Figure out how you will socialize and train your dog and yourself and other family members too! We humans need to learn how to communicate with dogs using dog “language.” Training goes a long way to making sure you and your new companion get along well and will enjoy many wonderful years together.

  • In person and guided socialization with other humans and puppies is important so you and your dog learn how to behave in situations with other dogs and their owners. We advise you to join a puppy class. You might want to reserve a spot as soon as you make the decision to get a new puppy because some classes fill up fast. 

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