Border-Aussie Puppies: 

This wonderful hybrid has many of the positive traits of both parent breeds - Australian Shepherd x Border Collie.


The combination of being very smart and purposeful makes these active dogs quick to learn. That along with their positive attitude toward life makes them great candidates for many activities such as agility, hiking, swimming, obedience training, herding, tracking, playing games, learning tricks as well as loyal companions.

Parents on-site. Puppies will be ready to go July 16, 2018 when they are 8 weeks. They have been vet-checked, wormed, and have their 1st set of vaccinations. Scroll down to see pictures of parents.

7/20/18 Update:    We have 2 puppies left - Uno & Seis!

Uno (male) - $450
Seis (male) - $500


Pixie is a purebred tri-color Australian Shepherd weighing 45 lbs.


She loves to go for rides for us and has a strong instinct to herd our chickens, goats, sheep, and cows! She loves to work.


Dash is a purebred blue merle Border Collie and while he is a little taller and longer than Pixie - he only weighs 44 lbs.

Dash is always ready to go! He loves to play ball and to run. He is definitely a joiner and a great companion.

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