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On the Farm

Here is a list of things we've been doing:

  • starting more seeds blocks - summer squash, cucumbers, melons

  • planting lots of potatoes!

  • transplanting more kohlrabi and cabbage

  • planting seeds directly in the ground for more successions of lettuce, greens, turnips, kale

  • watering seed flats in the greenhouse, germinating seeds and plants in the gardens

  • hoeing

We've had two farmers markets in Spring Green. The first week we forgot our sign. Even though this is our seventh market season, it seems to take us a couple weeks to get back in the swing of things. There was a nice turnout both days, and we sold all the produce on our table.

Bill has been working on updating our watering system. He had planned to make the pretty basic setup we used last year work for one more year. After using it more intensively this week with the 80 degree days, he determined it isn't good enough. We increased our planting area quite a bit, and the old system won't be able to keep up. A new water pump and pressure tank will be installed in the next week or two which will increase the gallons of water we can pump per minute. Right now we can only run two sprinkler heads at a time. The new equipment will allow us to run many more putting out the same amount of water in a much shorter time. It will be essential during dry times.

As we finish the spring shares we are both excited and nervous for the summer CSA season to start next week. After months of planning, preparing, and members signing up, the first week is upon us. We always spend these days worrying about everything! Will we have enough produce for the first boxes? Have we have forgotten to explain some important information? Will we meet member expectations? While it has been hard to stay out of the fields when the weather has been cooperative for fieldwork, I have spent time at my desk getting organized for the summer shares. We have also switched our email marketing service so I'm learning a new system for creating the newsletter.

This seems an appropriate time to remind ourselves and all of our members, year-round and seasonal, how much we appreciate your membership in our farm. We are proud to produce nutritious, fresh, local, safe food for you and realize we couldn't make our living doing it without your support. And not just financially. The relationships we develop in person, through email, over the phone, even by handing off boxes feed us emotionally and give us purpose.

As always, Bill and I thank you our farm members!

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