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On the Farm

This week has seen nice rains; we received 3 inches over the weekend. The green beans have blossoms, the summer squashes have started to yield their first small fruit, there are more green tomatoes growing on the tomato vines, the garlic plants are starting to turn brown signaling garlic harvest in a week or two, and the second batch of broiler chickens are ready to process.

Bill ordered a wheel hoe with different weeding attachments to help us cultivate the fields more quickly. It feels like a game-changer for us. As you already know, we’ve had difficulty keeping up with the weeding this summer. The wheel hoe is expensive, several hundred dollars, compared to twenty bucks for a handheld hoe hoe, but this season’s weeds have shown us the light. It is imperative for us to keep up with weeding if we wish to increase our vegetable yields.

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

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