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On the Farm

This week we harvested our garlic crop. We had 325 ft of garlic planted – 1900 bulbs not counting the green and fresh garlic we’ve been pulling the last few weeks. This is the biggest harvest we’ve ever had. We planted it in November and then kind of forget about it until it comes up in spring. We pull scapes mid-June and wait for harvesting towards the end of July.

It was a hot, humid day to harvest but with help from Jennifer, Rachel, Nicole, Cecelia, Liam, and Aidan, we were able to get the job done. It seems the garlic liked all the rain we had so far this summer rewarding us with many big bulbs.

Wheww! It feels good to have that muddy, sweaty job done. The garlic will now dry and cure for about 3 weeks after which it will store for 6 to 8 months so we can all enjoy garlic through most of the winter.

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