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Harvesting Squash

On the Farm . . . what's happening this week - 9/6/15.

Rain, rain, rain. We needed it and thankfully received 2 7/8 inches. The rain knocked a lot of cherry tomatoes off the vines while the lettuce shot up. Farming is always give and take. The weather has been crazy. Last week we wore heavy sweatshirts while harvesting, this week, we are back in shorts.

We spent time trellising the second round of peas this week. They should be ready in a couple weeks. We also spent time pondering our bell peppers. They seem to be taking their own sweet time changing colors. Maybe next week. Since our squash plants are dying, we harvested quite a few of the squash to keep in storage. It was fun hunting for the colorful jewels under the canopy of big, squash leaves.

Even with the warm weather, the school buses driving by and harvesting squash has us feeling the transition into the fall season. We feel nostalgic for the early season, a little weary from the learning curve of growing our farm of 17 share equivalents to one of 37, yet excited about the autumn harvests of Brussels sprouts, greens, squash, pumpkins, red cabbage, potatoes, carrots, beets, peas, beans and tomatoes.

We hope you stay cool during this summer blast as we turn towards a new season.

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