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Summer CSA Newsletter Week #4 June 23-29, 2024 “B" week

Garlic Harvest is Beginning! We couldn't help ourselves and have started pulling some here and there. The main harvest of all the bulbs won't be for a couple more weeks.


(Photo of the "Default" FULL Share below. See listings to see which share size has what, how much, along with info, guides, recipes.)


LETTUCE MIX (1/4 lb) - Store in a plastic bag in your fridge. We consider it a “1st Priority Vegetable” and recommend you use it within the first 3 days, as it has a short shelf life. (Although our freshly harvested lettuce will often last a week or sometimes even more!) Guide & Recipes

RADISHES with greens (1 bunch) - Separate radish from leaves for storing! Keep the greens in a loosely wrapped plastic bag in the crisper bin of your refrigerator and eat them ASAP. (Add them to scrambled eggs). Store the red roots in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for a week or so. Eat raw with a sprinkle of salt, slice into salads or on sandwiches for added crunch, pickle or roast with carrots. Or pickle them with this recipe (you’ll have to cut the recipe in half.) Or try them roasted on a sheet pan with potatoes and carrots.

FENNEL (2 bulbs) - Remove the stem and fronds from the white bulb. Store the white bulb in the fridge crisper in a plastic bag. Use within 2 weeks. The fronds have a licorice taste, and can be chopped and frozen for later use in seasoning. The stem is also edible. Chop it up finely for cooking, or flash freeze it. Guide & Recipes

ARUGULA/TATSOI MIX (3 oz) - Peppery greens.  Arugula is more perishable than lettuce and often only last about 4 or 5 days. This should be the first item you eat from your share. Store in the fridge.

GARLIC (1 fresh, not “cured” bulb) - Keep your garlic in a cool, drafty place, ideally out of direct sunlight. A porch, kitchen or garage are all possibilities. You can eat your fresh-pulled garlic whenever you want, but if you’d like to store it for longer than a week or so wait until the stalk is dried down and, you’ll have a “cured” garlic bulb that you can store as normal garlic.

SUGAR SNAP PEAS - Snap the top and pull down to remove string, then eat pod & all! Guide

SWISS CHARD (1 bunch)  - Put it in a bag to store in the fridge. Use within a week. This crop technically falls into the category of “First Priority Vegetables” or ones with a short shelf life - use it within the week for maximum efficiency. To revive limp chard, cut a sliver off the bottom of the stems and soak in very cold water for a few minutes. Guide & Recipes

HALF VEG SHARE: (see Full VEG Shares above⬆ for info on each item)

LETTUCE MIX (1/4 lb)

RADISHES with greens (1 bunch)

FENNEL (2 bulbs)

GARLIC (1 fresh, not “cured” bulb)


SWISS CHARD (1 bunch)


  • LETTUCE (1/4 lb)

  • GARLIC SCAPES (1 bunch) These are the curlicue curiosities in your box. Store them in a plastic bag in your crisper. They’ll last about 2-3 weeks. You can trim off the bottom inch of the scape (if it’s woody) as well as the flowering tip (although that is also edible if you want to try it). Steam, saute, or grill them whole or chopped in pieces, similar to green beans, with some olive oil and salt/pepper. Or finely chop as a garlic substitute. Can also be sliced and included in fresh dishes - like you’d use green onions. Can also pickle or chop and freeze them in a Mason jar or Ziplock bag. Then you can use them all summer/winter as needed.

  • ADIRONDACK BLUE POTATOES (1 lb) - Blue flesh and skin with a slight purple tint. Great flavor, hold color when cooked, and contain lots of healthy anthocyanins. This variety is good for boiling, baking, and mashing, and can be used for brightly coloured salads. Store in a paper bag in your pantry or on the counter for a month. Guide & Recipes (from Mythic Farm - organic)


MES SHARES - Off week for the rotation



WEEKLY = 1 Dozen

BIWEEKLY = 1 Dozen


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