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Our Team. The Best One Ever for THIS Farm.

Our team.

After Marlee's birth, Bill's mom innocently asked how in the world the two of us could ever make such beautiful babies?

Apparently she could reason the first two, but a third one blew her mind. 😲

We looked at each other kind of shocked, laughed because it was so funny (and because, fortunately, we knew how much she loved us) and said, "Like, c'mon, what are we? Chopped liver?" 😘

She - realizing how what she said sounded - reassured us we weren't THAT bad ourselves, and the interaction has become a favorite family story.  

Especially since Margie isn't here with us anymore. 😥💗

But we don't know how we got so lucky to have these three. Cause if I know anything, it's that Bill and I aren't perfect. 

We still have so much to learn.

And yet, while humanly imperfect also, here we are blessed by Liam's, Aidan's, and Marlee's wonderful presence, help, companionship, and intelligence.

Sometimes my heart swells so much, I cry and embarrass them. 😳

I think about our luck often and understand that they work hard even when they'd rather not because they love Bill and I, but also because they love this farm they were each born on. 

Whether it's the vegetable fields, rotational pastures, creek, wild apple and plum trees that taste a little on the meh side imo, or the marshy/swampy areas full of hidden treasure if one just looks a little closer, they consider it all part of the family. 

They understand its beauty, wisdom, lessons, and value.


And treat it with the reverence and respect it deserves.

I've also recently realized they understand not only is growing good natural food healthy for their body and mind but yours too.

They feel the importance and weight of that.

And also that working it, nourishes and connects their souls to the powerfulness of nature.

It feels amazing to me.

Tonight I'm grateful for them.

And for you too. 💞

Because if you're reading this, you're part of this farming life we live.

We couldn't do any of this without you.

Thank you.


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