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My Birthday!

Being as I share so many other of our family events, I feel I should share this milestone with you as well!

It was a great day. Bill, Aidan, and I went to my mom's to help her with a few things.

Nothing better than spending my special day with the one who "brung" me in the first place.


Mom surprised me with a felt sunflower so I can have one all year long and chocolate cupcakes! (She knows me so well. 😉)

Bill and Aidan figured out how to hang not one, but two, new storm doors on old door frames.

And then we went home to celebrate with Liam's specialty, a Chicago-style pizza, for supper. To top it off, for dessert, a devil's food cake with peanut butter frosting that Marlee made and some silly singing and joking around to boot!

A perfect day for me.

My wish is for everyone to have at least one day where they feel as loved as I do. On my birthday but on other days too. Why do I feel that way? I'm sure it's because I have a great family and friends, but a big part of it is because of YOU!

My life is a whole lot more meaningful because of the value you have in our work and the food it produces.

I appreciate it so much.

There's no better gift anyone could give me.

Thank You!

And here's to the next one!


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