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We're Getting Antsy!

Welcome to new members starting with this first spring box!

I know, I know, the calendar says it's April, but the weather outside doesn't seem to be paying attention.

This past weekend we woke to snow covering everything, and it sounds like we may again this weekend!

The warm weather we enjoyed a few weeks ago made us hopeful for an early spring but this cold, snowy weather is certainly the opposite of that.

The H-tractor covered in April??? snow.

We have flats of vegetables waiting to be planted out in the fields, but ground temperature is too cold - so we wait. Worried about the cost of heating the bigger seed-starting greenhouse, we are filling the smaller one (off the side of the house to take advantage of that heat) to its maximum.

Bill's adding amendments to the soil and planning to put some lettuce, radish, and salad turnip seeds in the ground before the forecasted cold weekend weather.

But we are getting antsy! We want to move ahead faster. You know the saying, "patience is a virtue"? I think we may be failing our virtue practice right now!

Bill showing harvesting spinach in one of our low tunnels.

Aidan is anxious for the pastures to green up so he can get the animals out in them.

Yesterday when he saw the grass and weeds growing up between vegetable beds under the tunnels, he decided to harvest a treat for our livestock.

And being Aidan - he made it into a video story. Enjoy watching our animals enjoying their green treat!

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