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Wow! We are getting so excited for this year. It’s going to be the best season we’ve ever had.

We’ve been able to get some new equipment to help us grow vegetables better, more efficiently, and in bigger quantities for 2018. We now have a tractor with several attachments for tilling, shaping, and weeding beds. We have some new seeding and transplanting equipment that we are just beginning to use. We also have a new-to-us used greenhouse that we can use both for nurturing seedlings and for growing heat-loving vegetables like peppers and cucumbers throughout the summer.

We are also learning ways to build a community of share members that can shareideas, techniques, successes and failures - all with the goals of using the vegetables in their box and becoming better eaters.

And we have the seemingly boundless enthusiasm that our kids, Aidan in particular, have brought to our farm. They are really appreciating the gift of growing food - vegetable, fruit, and meat - as well as realizing the value it adds to their lives physically, mentally, and emotionally. That energy is stimulating Bill and I, as well as reaffirming the life we’ve chosen. It makes us yearn to do better.

The common theme or motto for this year is Elevate! We are elevating our farm – cleaning out sheds and cluttered areas to make the farm more spacious and nicer to look at.

We are elevating our planting and growing routines with new equipment and new possibilities because of all the time saved by using them. We will be elevating box offerings by focusing more on staple vegetables like lettuce, peas, beans, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, squash, and potatoes with other interesting vegetables like asian greens, fennel, kohlrabi, kale, eggplant, melons, etc.

We are elevating the experience of being a member of My Fine Homestead by creating a vibrant community of fellow eaters looking for ways to either begin or continue to elevate their life by eating healthy, tasty, living food grown locally by people who love nothing better than nourishing others through their work.

We can’t wait to share more of the exciting details with you in the weeks to come!

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