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On the Farm . . . Taking Time for a Spring Walk

Lately the days are busy with so many things to do that sometimes I'm not sure which way to head first! Belle, one of our Jersey cows, had her calf on Easter morning so we've added milking to our daily schedule. Bill's been cleaning bee hive boxes in preparation for the new hives that arrive Saturday, and I continue to make soaps and lotions for the upcoming farmers markets. We've transplanted onions, leeks, lettuces, and kale in the fields while starting more seeds in the greenhouse.

Yesterday the kids were able to pull Bill and me away from harvesting to go for a farm walk. I wandered behind them, breathing the fresh air, and feeling the stress of the to-do list float away while Bill held my hand.

Liam, Aidan, and Marlee were on a treasure hunt created by Mother Nature as they monitored her transition from winter to spring. They sought clues on the ground and overhead in the trees. They listened to bird calls and scanned the horizon. They showed me the perfect place to step out of the trees and see the view of marsh marigolds by the creek.

They led me across the field to find a hidden-in-plain-sight killdeer nest and a striking crawfish chimney while also making sure I spotted the camouflaged female red-winged blackbird on a tree branch just past the pasture fence.

The walk became an adventure I hesitated to join but ended up loving. This spring I am grateful for Liam's, Aidan's, and Marlee's tenacity in the face of my stubbornness. They never stop asking, cajoling, and pleading with me to "Come with!" I am lucky that they are more stubborn than me and insist I pay attention, not only to them (although they love showing me their finds), but to the nature I could easily miss in the face of the season's tasks.

I'm sharing pictures from our most recent walk to encourage you to take time and go for a walk, too!


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