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On the Farm - Spring Has Arrived!

Our seed starting greenhouse is full of flats of sprouted green plants eagerly waiting to be planted in the field, our germination chamber (an old cooler from a flower shop that is heated (not cooled) is full of seeded flats on the verge of sprouting, and our gardens already have beds planted with lettuce, carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, and more spinach.

One of our cows will be freshening or having her calf in the next weeks, and several new batches of kittens have joined us already. After much research, Aidan is working on hatching chicken and duck eggs. He added 4 duck eggs to a brooding Banty chicken's nest, and she accepted them. The broody Cuckoo Maran chicken he chose to put eggs under seems confused by the whole process and keeps getting on and off her nest. He also dug his grandpa's ancient incubator (originally from Sears and Roebuck) out of the shed and put several dozen eggs in it. There were some issues getting the temperature and humidity settings to be constant, but now it is running reliably. Aidan's determined to hatch chicks one way or another his new found knowledge. And he has swept us all up with his enthusiasm!

Yes, spring, with all its temperature variability, has arrived on the farm. It feels good to be spending large portions of our days working in the fresh air. In fact, Bill recently got a Fitbit to track his pulse and found out that between mowing and tilling beds with our walk-behind tractor, he is racking up 14 mile days. No wonder he falls asleep moments after his head hits the pillow!

We welcome new farm members with this first Spring Share box. Remember we are always available for any questions, concerns, or comments you may have. We strive to provide you with vibrant, healthy, and tasty produce and want to do whatever it takes to help you be successful in eating it!



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