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Savor the Moments

After market Saturday we hurried off to our niece's wedding. It was a beautiful day and fun to dress up a little, relax, and celebrate.

Sunday we participated in the "Madison Out of Darkness Walk" to raise funds for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

They reached their goal of 100 walkers. It felt good to be surrounded by others who've also experienced suicide in their life.

Thanks to all who donated to this worthy cause.

Monday brought us back to our regular schedule of chores. Back to the routine of tending plants and animals. Back to normalcy on our farm.

Knowing the cold days of winter are closer than they seemed just weeks ago, I appreciate the moments outside.

I wistfully notice Aidan's bare feet as he runs through the fields, imagining them soon covered by a pair of unmatched socks and heavy boots.

I stop harvesting greens to watch Marlee wander the edge of the field as she sings to herself while her hair dances in the breeze.

I feel the urgency in the pounding coming from Liam's forge as he works to complete his newest project.

I savor every moment -- moments I want to remember when the daily circles we move in tighten, feeling almost noose-like, and we inevitably get on each other's nerves.

That's when I'll pull out these memories and share them so they comfort us with their homeopathic essence of space, and we can be grounded again.

But for now we work together outside, often yards apart yet still together, on this piece of land we're lucky enough to call My Fine Homestead.

The sky our ceiling, the fields our living room, and the house our retreat for meals and sleeping a little longer.

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