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Busy Week

It's been another busy week. Here's a list of some of the things occupying our time:

  • irrigating (a few short ago, I was lamenting over how wet the fields were, and now they are dry!)

  • hilling potatoes - for the second time

  • picking beans

  • having one of our cows bred (we missed Belle when she came into heat last month but caught her this time)

  • drying garlic (for another week or so)

  • making another move-able pen that can be used for the turkeys now and as a greenhouse this winter

  • eradicating squash bugs (which have been overwhelming for us this year)

  • getting everything in order for our organic inspection later this week.

Yes, it's been busy but also productive!

Top left = Marlee discovering that purple snap beans start out green!, Top right = basil growing in the greenhouse,

Middle left = flowering blue potato plants, Middle right = lemon cucumbers hanging on the vine, Bottom left = Bill with the new turkey pen he built.

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