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On the Farm - June 8, 2016

We were lucky enough to receive 1 1/2 inches of rain last weekend. All the crops enjoyed the showers and we appreciated the break from irrigating. Generally vegetables require 1 inch of water per week. If it doesn't come in the form of rain, Bill needs to spend a significant amount of time dragging hoses and setting up sprinklers around our 2 acres of crops.

The winter hoophouse is changed over from winter to summer production. Gone are greens and radishes. In their places are tomatoes, celery, and basil. The upcoming weeks will find us trellising and pruning the growing tomato plants.

The sugar snap pea plants are blossoming! The garlic plants have started sending their scapes up! If all goes according to plan - scapes should be ready next week and peas in probably 3 weeks. Tiny round kohlrabi have formed! And the potato plants are up!

The flush of spring has encouraged the crops as well as the weeds to grow quickly. The balance of our time is shifting from planting to hoeing and weeding - typical for June. I decided not to include pictures of the weeds!

I am still getting used to organizing our new delivery schedule as well as managing the paperwork associated with more members. I enjoy using spreadsheets, making plans, and communicating with members, but I my real passion is working in the fields. With a breeze swirling my hair around my head, feeling the sun on my arms and face while I hoe or hand-weed beds of carrots, lettuce, peas, or pac choi is extremely satisfying. Lucky for me, there will be no shortage of weeds in the upcoming months!

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