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Winter CSA Newsletter Week #3, Nov 12 - 18, 2023 “A” week

Autumn Frost Winter Squash

Newsletter Table of Contents:

  1. This Week’s Shares with Guides & Recipes- VEG, MES, EGG, APPLE

  2. Recipes

  3. Field News & Photos from the Week


VEG SHARES (see FULL and HALF list for which share has what, how much, along with info, guides, recipes)


KALE (1 bunch Red Russian or Dinosaur) - Store in a plastic bag (a Debbie Meyer Green bag if you have one) keep it in the fridge. Use within a week. This crop technically falls into the category of “1st Priority veggies” If you can’t use them in the next few days, freeze them you can use the stalks too! Guide & Recipes 

YELLOW ONION (2 lb) - Store on your counter or in your pantry out of direct sunlight. Onion peels can be put into a freezer bag with other vegetable scraps to make soup stock later, as they are full of antioxidants. To freeze: Cut or slice onions to desired size and place in Ziplock bag. Remove all the air and seal. It helps to freeze them in 2-3 cup increments. These are a good all-around onion, great for cooking and flavoring dishes. By far, they're the most popular onion sold in America and versatile enough for just about anything. Yellow onions are a smart choice for caramelizing, which draws out their natural sweetness. from Gwenyn Hill Farm

DARK RED NORLAND POTATOES (2 lbs) - Excellent flavor. With red skin and white flesh, this variety is good for baking or boiling. Store in a paper bag, or out of the light, in your pantry or on the counter away from onions. from Mythic Farm Guide & Recipes

CARROTS (1 lb roots) - Store the roots dry and unwashed in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks. from Red Door Family Farm Guide & Recipes

SPINACH (1/4 lb) - This green is very versatile (and YES! You can eat the stems, in fact they are very tasty too. ;) It can be eaten cooked or raw, requires little prep, works with sweet or savory ingredients, stands up to other hearty ingredients, and pairs well with rich, fatty foods such as cheese, butter, bacon, and cream. Raw is popular in salads with, or without, pecans, dried fruit such as cranberries, chunks of cheese, sunflower seeds, and roasted beets. Other possibilities are steaming, boiling, stir-frying, or sautéeing with butter or olive oil. Known as a longer keeper than lettuce, store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for a week or more. Note - Cooks down in size considerably. Guide & Recipes

AUTUMN FROST WINTER SQUASH - With smooth, fine-grained, tender flesh, and sweet and delicate flavor his squash works well for roasting, purees, pies, bread, muffins and in hearty soups, stews and gratins. It has a reputation for tasting better than butternut squash and stores well with flavor improving over time. Guide & Recipes

GREEN BELL PEPPERS (1) - Store these in the fridge in a plastic bag. Stuff, add to stir fries, egg dishes, soups, tacos & burritos, pizza, etc. Peppers can also be flash frozen. Just throw them in a Ziploc bag (whole or chopped) and freeze! 


GOLDRUSH APPLES (1 lb) from Two Onion Farm, DAIKON RADISH (1 lb), RED BEETS (1 lb) from Red Door Family Farm

HALF SHARE: (see Full VEG Shares above⬆ for info on each item)

KALE (1 bunch)



SPINACH (1/4 lb)

CARROTS (1 lb roots)



MES SHARE Wed. = Mazo, Dianne Dr, Jacobs Way & Fri & Sat = Muscoda area & SGFM

FULL : 1 pkg breakfast sausage, 2 doz

HALF: 1 pkg breakfast sausage, 1 doz

TURKEY Thawing & Roasting Info below in Recipe Section!


EGG SHARE Weekly Shares = 1 Dozen Biweekly Shares = 1 Dozen



Click the link to go to a printable pdf of the recipe.


Field News & Photos:

This week it's almost all about Liam!

He fried squash for us. Here's the chunks of cooked squash before and during dipping them in flour.

Then he dunked them in hot oil.

And Voila! Fried Squash! They were delicious with a sprinkle of salt.

On November 11 & 12, he set up a booth at the Winter Art Fair Off the Square.

His leaf and Christmas tree ornaments were popular with Christmas shoppers and Epic Systems came round on Sunday and bought several of his dragons. It seems his artistic vision melds nicely with some of their themes. Lucky Liam!

Arnaud the Armadillo was my favorite!

No surprise to me, Liam spent down time at the fair creating a copper wire bird sculpture and doodling.

Even though he's all grown up now, some things never change.

~ ~ ~


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