On the Farm

August 25, 2016

The garlic is just about finished curing. The late tomatoes are finally coming on. Tiny green beans hang on their plants. The cucumbers are happily climbing their trellises, but the summer squash and zucchini have been decimated by the prolific squash bugs. Despite our efforts otherwise, this planting may not yield much more. We have started more seeds, but it might be too late for this season – we’ll see.


Bill harvested more honey. The hives are strong and doing well. The last batch of broiler chicks have been moved out to the pasture. They love the extra room and fresh air. This year’s laying pullets (immature hens) will start laying mid-September so it is time to cull older hens. Marlee reminds us daily that her 6 year-old chicken named Cheetah serves a purpose for our farm even though she no longer lays eggs. She provides companionship and chicken wisdom – we can certainly find room for those attributes!


And with all the rain and warmer temperatures, weed growth has been relentless. I’m not sure I will ever get all the dirt out from underneath my fingernails.Aidan and Marlee have been spending considerable time on the shed roof watching to see where the