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Organic Vegetables for You & Your Family. 



  1. the season you want: Yearly (combo of Summer & Winter) or Summer only, or Winter only.
  2. the frequesncy you want: Yearly Weekly Full = 50 shares of vegetables. (We take 2 weeks off in January.) & EOW = 25 shares. Summer Weekly = 22 shares &  EOW = 11 shares. Winter Weekly = 28 shares & EOW = 14 shares.
  3. the size you want: Full-size (approx. 1 paper grocery bag) Half-size (approx. 1/2 paper grocery bag) 50 half-size deliveries of vegetables.


Purchasing the Yearly option is:

  • more convenient as you only sign up once in a year's time.
  • customizable - choose only the Yearly Vegt. or add-on.
  • educational as you will follow the farm through all the seasons.
  • supportive of our farm as your membership is assured for the year.
  • healthy because you will receive local food year-round!

Vegetable CSA Shares

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