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sourced from certified organic Mythic Farm, Blue Mounds, WI


German Butterball have a brown peel and flesh that's a vibrant yellow to gold and is firm, waxy, and dense and are most commonly used as baking potatoes but can also be fried or roasted. When cooked, they're creamy with a smooth consistency and offer a rich, buttery flavor.


Dark Red Norlands have excellent flavor. With red skin and white flesh, this variety is good for baking or boiling.


Goldrush Russet Fully russeted skin with dry, white flesh perfectly suited for classic baked potatoes.


Adirondack Blue Blue flesh and skin with a slight purple tint. Great flavor, hold color when cooked, and contain lots of healthy anthocyanins. This variety is good for boiling, baking, and mashing, and can be used for brightly coloured salads.


Store potatoes in a paper bag in your pantry or on the counter for a month.


Potatoes - 1lb

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