My Fine Homestead

Growing wholesome food with a farm family consciousness.

My Fine Homestead

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We're your farmers ~

Stacey & Bill, Liam, Aidan and Marlee.

Do you want to eat more fresh food? Especially vegetables? And get it locally?


Do you want to know who grows it? Are you worried about preparing it?


Finally . . . would you like to support a small family farm?


If you answered yes to any of these questions ~ you're in luck ~ we can help!


The vegetables, pastured meats, eggs, and sweets (maple syrup & honey) we grow

taste great, satisfy your body, and give you peace of mind.


And that's not all.

We have videos, guides, tips and recipes to help you become more proficient at preparing meals so you don't just buy healthy food but eat it also.

What are you waiting for? Join us this year!

Liam, Stacey, Aidan, Marlee, Bill

Certified Organic Vegetables

Our vegetables and ground are certified organic. We raise our farm animals using organic practices because that is the kind of food we want to eat, and we wouldn't sell you anything less.

Vegetable CSA


Yearly - a calendar year

  • Full

  • Half

Spring - April & May

Summer - June thru October

  • Full

  • Full Every Other Week

  • Half

  • Half Every Other Week

Winter​ - November thru March

Meat, Egg & Sweet CSA

Yearly - a calendar year

Summer - June thru October

  • Full 

  • Half 

Winter Add-on 

Body Care

  available at:

  • Spring Green Farmers Market

  • The Office Market & Gift Shop, Spring Green

  • or in our store

"I love the variety, and I especially love the unique heirloom vegetables we get to try."

"The veggies and meat were great, but I liked the eggs best! And the turkey was thoroughly enjoyed by many."

"We liked the whole package. We were very happy to support a family rather than a large corporation."

"Customer service was excellent. There was one glitch and Stacey took care of it right away. No frustrations."

"I enjoyed having fresh veggies, and every other Wednesday was like Christmas"

My Fine Homestead


Mary Smith

Full Vegetable Box


My Fine Homestead


Jane Anderson

Half Vegetable Box

Spring Green Farmers Market

Keeping It Real on the Farm

our blog

We Love CSA!

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October 18, 2018

Pulling Fawn out of the Mud

October 11, 2018

Location, Wetlands and Grassy Paths Protect Us

September 6, 2018

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