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Winter CSA Newsletter Week #14, February , 2024 “B” week

About this time of year, I really start missing the flowers growing outside -- especially our sunflowers so I've resigned myself to painting some. 🌻

Newsletter Table of Contents:

  1. This Week’s Shares with Guides & Recipes- VEG, MES, EGG

  2. Recipes - Salt Roasted German Butterball Potatoes with Mascarpone, DIY Mascarpone, Baked German Butterball Potatoes

  3. Field News & Photos from the Week - Projects!



(Photo of FULL Share. See listings below to see which share size has what, how much, along with info, guides, recipes.)


BEETS (2 lb) - Store in the fridge in a plastic bag for up to 2 months.  Guide & Recipes

YELLOW ONION (1 lb) - Ready to be used now or later, this almost “cured” or dried onion should be stored on your counter or in your pantry out of direct sunlight. If you don’t use it in the next week, it’ll cure more and store longer. 

to desired size and place in Ziplock bag. Remove all the air and seal. It helps to freeze them in 2-3 cup increments. from Gwenyn Hill Farm

DAIKON RADISHES (2 lb) - Daikons are generally milder than regular table radishes. Store dry in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for weeks - these are long keepers!. Radishes are also delicious roasted - our favorite way to eat them - because it takes out their heat and makes them sweeter! Try also sliced in rounds or matchsticks with your favorite dip or hummus. Adds crunch and great flavor to any stir fry recipe. Guide & Recipes

GERMAN BUTTERBALL POTATOES (2 lb)  With a brown peel and flesh that's a vibrant yellow to gold and is firm, waxy, and dense. German Butterball Potatoes are most commonly used as baking potatoes but can also be fried or roasted. When cooked, they're creamy with a smooth consistency and offer a rich, buttery flavor. Guide & Recipes

HALF VEG SHARE: (see Full VEG Shares above⬆ for info on each item)





OPTIONAL ITEMS:  for FULL & HALF Shares - choose one or both:

  • CARROTS (1 lb) - Store the roots dry and unwashed in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Will keep this way for months. Guide & Recipes (from Red Door Family Farm)

  • PEA SHOOTS (3 oz.) - Pea Shoots are microgreens, or baby pea seedlings, that smell & taste like peas. They are versatile and can be used like fresh salad greens (they pair well with parmesan cheese & lemon!), stir fried lightly, used in sandwiches, on pizza, or as a garnish.  Store in a plastic bag or wrapped in a slightly damp towel for about a up to two weeks. Guide and Recipes (2 different PDF’s) 




Week 2 of the rotation so MES is for this week's Home deliveries.

FULL: 1 Chicken, 1 lb Ground Beef, 2 Dozen Eggs

HALF: 1 Chicken 1 Dozen Eggs



WEEKLY = 1 Dozen

BIWEEKLY = 1 Dozen



Salt-Roasted German Butterball Potatoes With Mascarpone and Chives
Download PDF • 60KB

Mascarpone Cheese Substitutes
Download PDF • 52KB

Baked German Butterball Potatoes
Download PDF • 44KB


Field News & Photos:

We've been working on a couple farm and house projects lately. A big one is installing an array of solar panels as a back-up energy source and to supply some of our electrical needs. This project is near and dear to Bill's heart as it's one he's wanted to do for years!

You can see him on the roof below installing the panels. Then with Aidan's help (see him peeking out the garage door?) from down below he was able to wire them without having to make multiple trips up and down the ladder!

Aidan's taken advantage of the warmer than expected temperatures to pasture the cows, pigs, and goats all outside more than other years. They love being out on the fields way more than being locked in the yards.

He's also moved up some other fencing projects. This change of plans should help the traditional spring time be a little less hectic. That's the hope anyway!

He was so close to finishing stretching the last piece of woven wire on the night pictured below that he kept working in the dark. I wandered out to the field when he didn't come in worried he ran into some problems. Nope! all was well, he just didn't want to quit yet and the skidsteer light helped him complete the job.

Bill also found time this past weekend to pull up the old carpet in our bedroom. Underneath was a glued on layer of black foam he had to scrape off the underlayment.

We don't have a new flooring just yet but that didn't stop me from giving him the go-ahead when he suggested taking it out since it's been on the project list for years and years! I have no doubt we'll figure out a replacement floor, I just don't know for sure when it'll get put in. It might get pushed off until next February, and if so, that's ok because we're now one big step closer to it being done. ;)

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