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We Love CSA!

It’s that time of the year – the end of our biggest share season. Can you believe 22 weeks have gone by since your first box? Neither can we!

This is when we feel overwhelmed with gratitude for our CSA members. CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – is a structured way to share the farmers' costs, risks, and harvests with those receiving the crops grown on the farm. Sounds simple and straightforward, but it means so much more to Bill and me. We love CSA. It’s our way of life.

How does our CSA benefit us? Let me count some of the ways:

  • We get to work together every day. (Most of the time that is a benefit – lol.)

  • It helps us parent. We can share the values we hold dear with our children in real time in the context of farming.

  • We spend hours outside connected to the land and weather as we watch the seeds we plant grow and the animals we care for produce healthy food.

  • We receive gratitude from those who nourish their bodies with that food.

  • We farm organically which enriches the soil.

  • We share our successes (bumper crops of lettuce, radishes, mid-season broccoli, and sweet corn) with members who are excited by them.

  • And we share our challenging times (onions that don’t do well with too much rain and struggles in getting decent harvests of beets and carrots) with our members too.

CSA is rewarding on so many levels. We appreciate your support of local agriculture, of our small farm, of our work on that farm, and ultimately of our family.

Thank you for joining us this summer – we’ve enjoyed growing food for you!

Stacey & Bill and Liam, Aidan, Marlee

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