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It's been a long week for us. Bill's dad who suffers from frontotemporal dementia experienced some serious infections and was transferred on Saturday from his memory care facility in Richland Center to UW Hospital in Madison.

Although he's responding to treatment, it appears the infections triggered more brain deterioration. We've spent the better part of the days since then at the hospital. Bill and his sister Cindy have been monitoring their dad's care and progress while having discussions with hospital professionals about his immediate health as well as what kind of care is best for him when he is discharged.

They're also doing the emotionally-hard work of preparing for what's ahead. And hard it is. Besides considering what is physically possible for him, they're remembering his pre-dementia wishes. They're also aware that their own needs, which aren't always the same, are playing a part in their decision-making. Sitting in the time warp of the hospital with the air full of terms like "end of life," "care goals," "hospice," "full code," and "DNR," I watched Bill and Cindy come to terms with their emotions as their dad transitions into a more active decline. They reaffirmed their love for each other as the realization of future loss settled in. Like I said, it was a long holiday weekend.

Bill and I felt a sense of deja vu from being at the hospital with Aidan (appendicitis) a few months ago. Again we were leaving the hospital environment to go home and harvest for this week's box. The kids and Nicole were able to help (and my mom made us an apple pie -- and pie makes everything better!) And we did it -- we do have boxes for our members this week!

As for field updates - the squash bugs that we've been fighting all summer have decimated our summer squash and cucumbers. The cool temperatures of the last few weeks have slowed the tomatoes and peppers. We removed the tops of the plants to encourage them to put their energy into ripening the green fruit they already have instead of producing new fruit.

And still no rain. We haven't had any rain to speak of for weeks. We've had promising clouds move overhead, even experiencing wind, thunder, and lightening, only to have them blow by and drop their precious moisture somewhere else. While we are watering morning to night, it isn't the same as a good soaking rain.


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