On the Farm

June 22, 2017

Just as we were loading the last box for the Madison delivery last Wednesday, a fierce wind came up and whipped our trees around, upset an orderly pile of steel, and blew towels off the clothesline. It poured, and Bill and I were soaked within seconds. The deluge lasted for 20 minutes, and I didn't dare start driving until it slowed. 


Instead I changed my clothes and checked the weather radar. The storm and I were taking the same path. I had to pull over more than once on the way until the rain let up enough to see the center lines. It was all over by the time I arrived at the first drop site so my second set of clothes stayed dry.  


Back on the farm the rain had pounded and battered the newly transplanted cucumbers into the dirt. When we trellised them a couple of days later, we had to carefully pull the leaves out from under the mud. Sometimes it was hard to tell which end of the plant had leaves! Mud also spattered into the lettuce heads - you may even notice some when cutting them open this week even though we washed each one twice. 


It was ironic that in the last newsletter I talked about the dry, windy weather we were dealing with a