February 2, 2017

As I’ve mentioned before everything moves a little slower this time of year. Our days consist of doing chores and projects we don’t have time for in the summer. Bill is often fixing a piece of machinery or working on the house while I do paperwork, help the kids with their work or organize something – usually the kitchen. With all of us home a lot, the kitchen is hardly ever neat and tidy – but I try!


This weekend we will attend a vegetable grower conference in Madison. There will be information presented on growing different vegetables as well as presentations on tools, growing in greenhouses and cover crops. We look forward to continuing our learning. That is always our goal – to add to our knowledge base and become better farmers. It is also good to spend time with other people doing the same thing we are.  


Last weekend we spent Bill’s birthday at my sister’s plarn event. In case you don’t know what plarning is, it’s the process of folding, cutting, and connecting plastic shopping bags and then crocheting or knitting the resulting plarn into sleeping mats for the homeless. The lightweight mat cushions the body and is easy to roll up and carry during the day.