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On the Farm - October 12, 2016

This week in the fields, I felt the cool autumn breeze blow my hair while the warm sun left me undecided over whether to shed my second shirt. I heard the birds gathering in the trees along the creek bed before leaving for the winter. I felt the brittle leaves of crops dying back. I was surrounded by the certainty of the changing season.

Summer to fall makes me reflective of both opportunities and people I have lost. I try to find the lessons I've learned from the lost opportunities. I try even harder to hold on to the memories of loved ones lost so I never forget all they brought to my life.

And eventually as I move through the vegetable beds, all these feelings leave me appreciating this land we farm, my family, my friends and neighbors, our farm members, this country, and especially my great fortune to live this life. They drive me forward creating a stronger, wiser, and better version of myself - I hope.

As this week marks the last of the the summer share boxes, I thank you for joining us and moving me in that direction.

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