On the Farm

July 6, 2016

Here’s a listing of this week’s happenings:

  • We’ve been working hard to get caught up with the weeds I mentioned (or maybe complained about) last week. I am happy to report we are making significant headway. It feels good to be restoring order where there was chaos last week. 

  • The main hydrant that supplies water to the fields broke so Bill is taking the opportunity to put in a bigger water line which will increase available gallons per minute.  It will make our irrigation more efficient as we will be able to cover more ground with water in a day. This should have a direct result on the quality of our produce - always a good result!

  • We took a day over the weekend to process the first batch of broiler chickens. All three of the kids get involved now, although Liam is the only mainstay from start to finish. Bill and I can’t believe how much nicer it is to have their help. We remember when we started raising pastured chickens. The kids were 9, 5, and 3. We could only butcher a few chickens a day back then. Now we can easily do 75 to 100 depending on how early we get started. Plus, it is a time for extended conversations about topics on their minds. I