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Baby Goat Season!

On the Farm . . . what's happening this week

We now have six baby goats.

• Rosa had Panda (my children came up with this name)

• Isis (named years ago after a woman superhero me and my sisters watched on TV - not the terrorist group) had twins, Diamond & Ruby

• ChiChi had her first baby, a boy named Romeo (a name suggested by a newsletter reader and loved by everyone)

• July also had a boy - probably going to be named Roscoe (my mom's suggestion and the second most popular entry)

• Flower had a girl, Hyacinth. Liam named her after the silly British comedy, "Keeping Up Appearances."

All the moms are doing well, and all the babies are nursing well on their own. They are strong and spunky. We love this time of year!

I tried to get pictures of the baby goats, and their silly antics but they hardly hold still long enough! When Aidan and Marlee sit in the pen, the babies use them as their own jungle gyms. It looks like torture as the babies jump on them, nibble their hair, cheeks and fingers, and run across their legs - but Aidan and Marlee love every minute! It is hard to watch without smiling.

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