Conversing With Our Teenager.

December 17, 2015

On the Farm . . . what's happening this week -12/17/15.


Lately field work consists of checking the plastic on our low tunnels and greenhouse to make sure the wind doesn’t tear or blow it off. We’ve found from experience that it is much easier to preventively tighten it all up than to repair a 10ft x 100ft piece of plastic flapping in a 20 mph wind.


Animal chores are a year round task for us. However, since we don’t raise meat animals in the winter, it doesn’t take long to feed and water the goats, laying hens and rabbits. The hens have cut back on production of eggs - typical of the time of year, or they have found a really good hiding spot. Even Aidan and Marlee, our expert nest finders, are stumped.


Other than harvesting and packing boxes twice a month, most of our farm work is being done in the house. We review the summer season by looking over member evaluations and revisiting our field notes. We discuss and contemplate both immediate and long-term direction of the farm. We also attend farming workshops and read about soil health and best growing practices.

This is also the time when we can turn more of our focus toward our children. We have more time to help them with their projects or to problem solve ways for them to gain experiences they wish for. Together we play games, read books, solve math pr