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Growing Winter Produce

I know it sounds crazy – growing vegetables in our cold and snowy Wisconsin winters without the benefit of costly heat.
I didn’t think it possible. But it is.
Actually cold hardy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, asian greens, broccoli, carrots, radishes and turnips taste better grown in colder temperatures.
Here in southwestern Wisconsin, we have enough winter sun to grow many vegetables if they are planted early to allow for the resulting slower growing conditions of shorter daylight hours, and if they enjoy protection from harsh, drying winds.We have been fortunate (thanks to Bill’s hard work and persistence) to receive a grant for a 30ft x 72ft hoop house which along with other high and low tunnels allows us to grow winter produce and have an earlier start in the spring.
Bill and I strive to be year round producers for our farm members and also for our family. When summer’s bounty is over, and we stare the cold days of the dark season in the face - having freshly grown, freshly harvested, organically raised, vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals to put on the table makes me happy.
If you are interested in having some of our winter grown vegetables along with other items we produce on our farm including sprouts and micro-greens, maple syrup, vanilla, eggs, beef and chicken take a look at our Winter Shares 2014 page.
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