Our shares include flexibility. You choose the size - full, half, or market, the variety - vegetable or meat, eggs & sweet, or both, the frequency -  every week, every other, or at market, season - yearly, spring, summer, and/or winter, and where - Spring Green, Plain, Mazomanie, Madison.

2018 CSA Shares 

Our newsletter with farm news, recipes, and information on using and storing vegetables is included with every share.

closed for the season


Join our farm for a

calendar year.

1. Yearly Full Vegetable $1070

The same food as the Spring, Full Summer, and Winter Vegetable shares but with a $20 savings.


2. Yearly Half Vegetable $840 

The same food as the Spring, Half Summer, and Winter Vegetable shares but with a $20 savings.


3. Meat, Eggs & Sweet 

Add-on  $385  

same portions as in the summer & winter Meat, Eggs & Sweet

Pastured Meat (Summer = 1 turkey, 4 chicken, 5 pkgs ground beef, Winter = 2 chicken, 3 pkg ground beef)

Eggs from Free-Range Chickens (Summer = 10 dozen, Winter = 10 dozen)

Sweet  (Summer=2 quarts maple syrup, 1 pint honey, 8 oz vanilla,  Winter=1 quart maple syrup, 4 oz vanilla)

If you choose everything, a Yearly Vegetable Share with Meat, Eggs & Sweet Add-on, your savings will be $35 compared to buying them individually.

Spring Vegetable

closed for the season



Fresh greens just when you are craving them the most - after a cold Wisconsin winter! Includes spinach, greens, radishes, turnips, microgreens and more. First boxes  have fewer items. 

  •  4 Pick ups: 


April 11, 25 & May 9, 23. 


Delivery in Spring Green, Mazomanie &


Summer VegetablE

closed for the season

1. Full Share $590 

The equivalent of one grocery bag (8 to 12 vegetables) of a variety of produce from our farm each week June-Oct. 

22 weeks. 

2. Every Other Week (EOW) Full Share  $320. The same quantity of vegetables as a Full Share in each box every other week June-Oct.

11 boxes.

3. Half Share $360

The equivalent of a 1/2 a grocery bag (5 to 8 vegetables) of a variety of produce from our farm each week June-Oct. 

22 boxes.

4. Every Other Week (EOW) Half Share $250

The same quantity of vegetables as a Half Share in each box every other week June-Oct. 

22 boxes.

5. Market Share  choose either $300 or $150. It works like this - you prepay and then spend that credit on vegetables, syrup, pastured meats, eggs, body care, etc at our farmers market stand. 


We keep a card for you to track your balance.


Only available in Spring Green at this time.


Meat, Eggs

& Sweet


closed for the season

Pastured chicken, turkey, beef, and eggs from free-range laying hens along with maple syrup, honey and vanilla all from our farm. (In the event we are unable to supply an item, we find a local farmer practicing similarly to substitute from.)

1. Full Share  $275


  • 4 chickens (at least 3 lbs  ea)

  • 1 turkey (at least 10 lbs, delivered in Nov)

  • 5  packages ground beef (approx 1-1/2 lb ea) 

  • 10 doz eggs (2 doz/month Jun - Oct)

  • 2 qts maple syrup

  • 1 pt raw, wildflower honey

  • 8 oz of vanilla

2. Half Share  $170

  • 2 chickens (at least 3 lbs ea) 

  • 1 turkey (at least 10 lbs, delivered in Nov)

  • 3 pkgs ground beef (approx 1-1/2 lb ea) 

  • 5 doz eggs (1 doz/month Jun - Oct)

  • 1 qt maple syrup

  • 1 half pint wildflower honey

  • 4 oz of vanilla

To find out more about how we farm, follow these links: poultry, fresh eggs, maple syrup, and raw honey.


1. Vegetables $325   

Cold-hardy greens and  root  vegetables. Two boxes a month Nov- Mar for a total of 10 boxes. 

Nov 3 & 17, Dec 1 & 15, Jan 5 & 19, Feb 2 & 16, Mar 2 & 16.

(Ex. potatoes, onions, winter squash, rutabaga, leeks, beets, carrots, radishes, and garlic). 

  Nov and Dec boxes – often 4 to 8 different vegetables. (Ex: lettuce, radishes, mustard greens, squash, onion, garlic, potatoes, parsley.)

Jan and Feb boxes are smaller with 3 to 6 items. (Ex: spinach, tatsoi (an Asian green), micro-greens, and onions.)

March boxes, while similar to February, sometimes have 4 or 5 items. (Ex: greens, green onions, arugula, microgreens.

2. Meat, Eggs & Sweet  Add-On $125

  •  1 or 2 dozen eggs/month depending on availability 

  • 3 packages of ground beef (approximately 1-1/2 lbs each, frozen) 

  • 2 pastured chickens (3 lbs each, frozen)

  • 1 qt maple syrup

  • 1 bottle of vanilla. 

Pick Up Locations

Wednesday Middleton/Madison

  • Middleton - 2-6pm, Dianne Dr (off Century)

  • West – Transformation Center, 7878 Big Sky Dr (West Towne) - 4-7pm year-round

  • Southwest - Waban Hill (near Nakoma, off Midvale) 3:30-7pm

  • South - Wayland Dr (off Rimrock) 3-7pm

  • East - Lake Edge United Church of Christ, 4200 Buckeye Rd (near Monona Grove High School) - 3-8pm year-round

Wednesday Area Locations

  • Farm- 8-10am 

  • Spring Green – The Office Market, 131 W Jefferson, year-round 

  • Mazomanie - Windmill Circle 

Saturday Area Locations:

  • Plain - Cherry St, 8 am-Noon

  • Spring Green- (SG Farmers Market) Library Lot, 8am-Noon

Low- Income?

You may qualify for Partner Shares (through FairShare CSA Coalition) and to use SNAP for payments (also through FairShare CSA Coalition) -

click link below for more information. 

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