Year-Round Shares

Food from the farm through a calendar year.

Yearly Full Vegetable $1070

 Same food as the Spring, Full Summer & Winter Vegetable Shares

but with a $20 savings.

Yearly Half Vegetable $840

 Same food as the Spring, Half Summer & Winter Vegetable Shares

but with a $20 savings.

Add-on= Meat, Eggs & Sweet $385* this share is sold out for 2019! 

same food as Summer & Winter Meat, Egg & Sweet (MES) Shares

but with a $5 savings.

*add to your cart after choosing your Yearly Vegetable Share

Spring Share

April & May

May 9, 2018 Box

Sold out for 2019!

Vegetables $175 -  4 Boxes

Fresh greens and other spring vegetables. Includes spinach, greens, radishes, turnips, microgreens and asparagus & rhubarb  depending on weather. 

May 24, 2017 Box

Pick up Days

 Madison area & Mazomanie April 10, 24, May 8, 22   Richland Center April 11, 25, May 9, 23    Spring Green  April 6, 20  May 4, 18.

Summer Shares

June - October

Full Share - 8.22.18

Full Vegetable Share $590

22 boxes 

also available 

 Every Other Week (EOW) $320 

11 boxes

this share is sold out for 2019!

Approximate equivalent of one grocery bag - 8 to 12 vegetables. Good size for a family of 4 eating a moderate amount of vegetables, for two that eat a larger quantity of vegetables or wants to store some.

Half Share 8.22.18

Half Vegetable Share $360  

22 boxes

also available

Every Other Week (EOW) $250  

11 boxes

this share is sold out for 2019!

Approximate equivalent of a 1/2 a grocery bag - 5 to 8 vegetables. Nice size for a single person, for two, or family of 4 supplementing their garden or other purchases. 


Farmers Market in May

 Market Share $250  

(only available in Spring Green)


this share is sold out for 2019!

Prepay and then spend that credit at our farmers market stand. Add to you share at any time.

Meat, Egg & Sweet (MES) ~ Sold out for 2019!

Full MES Share  $275

5 chickens (at least 3 lbs ea)

1 turkey (at least 10 lbs)

5  packages ground beef (approx 1-1/2 lb ea) 

10 doz eggs (2 doz/month Jun - Oct)

1 qt maple syrup

1 pt raw, wildflower honey

4 oz of vanilla

Half MES Share  $170

2 chickens (at least 3 lbs ea) 

1 turkey (at least 10 lbs)

3 pkgs ground beef (approx 1-1/2 lb ea) 

5 doz eggs (1 doz/month Jun-Oct)

1 qt maple syrup

1 half pint wildflower honey

4 oz of vanilla

Delivery schedule 

5 deliveries, one every month June - October and turkey delivery in November. Each pick up spot will be assigned a Wednesday of the month for their regular delivery. (Ex: Dianne Dr - 2nd Wed. e.g. June 12,July 10, Aug 14, Sep 11, Oct 9 + turkey delivery Nov 20)

Winter Shares

November - March

Pick up Info

Wednesdays =  Madison area - Dianne Dr,  Buckeye Dr,  Big Sky Dr, Mazomanie    Thursdays = Richland Center    Saturdays = Spring Green Farmers Market

November box

January box

February box

Vegetables $325


10 boxes (2/month) 

November - March


Cold-hardy greens (lettuces, kale, spinach, chard etc.) and  root vegetables stored from fall (potatoes, onions, winter squash, rutabaga, beets, carrots, radishes, and garlic). 

  Nov and Dec boxes – often 4 to 8 different vegetables. (Ex: lettuce, radishes, mustard greens, squash, onion, garlic, potatoes, parsley.)

Jan and Feb boxes are smaller with 3 to 6 items. (Ex: spinach, tatsoi (an Asian green), micro-greens, and garlic.)

March boxes, while similar to February, sometimes have 4 or 5 items. (Ex: greens, green onions, arugula, microgreens.​









  • 1 or 2 dozen eggs/month depending on availability 

  • 3 packages of ground beef (approximately 1-1/2 lbs each, frozen) 

  • 2 pastured chickens (3 lbs each, frozen)

  • 1 qt maple syrup or honey (your choice based on availability)

  • 1 bottle of vanilla. 

* add to your cart after choosing the

Winter Vegetable Share

Meat, Eggs & Sweet Add-On (with Vegetable Box) $125*

~ Sold out for 2019!

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