Pastured Chickens & Turkeys

We get our broiler chickens & turkeys when they are 1 or 2 days old and brood them inside. A couple weeks later, on a warm and sunny day, they move outside to a moveable pen in the pasture. Every day we move the pen so they can forage on fresh grass, alfalfa and insects. We also fill their feeder with an organic, non-GMO grain mix and replenish their water supply.


We are committed to raising antibiotic-free, healthy birds that are able to forage grass, scratch the ground and hunt bugs. Our goal is to give them the best life possible while raising nutritious food for ourselves and others that tastes like chicken and turkey should!

Chickens $4/lb (usually 4-6 lb birds)

Turkeys $4/lb  (ready the week of Thanksgiving)

Not sure how to cook a whole chicken?

Follow this link for several great ideas.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our laying hens are free range allowing them  to forage on alfalfa, grasses and protein-rich insects every day.  We supplement with organic, soy-free laying mash. The result is healthy eggs!


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