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 “Honey is a fusion of light and radiant energy from the sun that reaches the earth, integrated with plant energy and then transmitted by way of nectar to honeybees who transform it into fuel for our bodies and minds – a pot of liquid gold. Honey is sunshine energy!”  Ron Fessenden, MD, MPH and Mike McInnes, MRPS


In 2008 we began researching bees and got excited about adding hives to our farm. Our kids were all for it, especially Aidan, who had always had a fascination with bees.


In 2009 we began in earnest. We set up the hives on the edge of our alfalfa field and an observation hive in the house. It was good timing as Aidan had been in an accident and broke his leg and collarbone. He was relegated to a wheelchair for a few weeks during which he observed the hive for hours reporting his findings to us. Then in the fall we harvested tasty honey. Needless to say we have all become avid bee watchers!

1/2 pint - $5

pint - $10

Honeycomb - check with us for availability


Honey Benefits and Uses

Natural honey has been reputed to have many benefits for people. Click here to read about its benefits.

Honey can easily be substituted for sugar. Due to its ability to retain water, products made with honey tend to remain moister longer than similar products made with sugar or other sweeteners. Click here for recipes using honey.


Some minor adjustments to keep in mind:

  • Use equal amounts of honey for sugar up to one cup. Over one cup, replace each cup of sugar with 2/3 to 3/4 cup of honey depending upon the sweetness desired.

  • Lower the baking temperature 25 degrees and watch the time carefully as honey browns faster.

  • In recipes using more than one cup of honey, it may be necessary to reduce liquids by a ¼ cup for each cup of honey used.

  • In baked goods, add ¼ tsp of baking soda per cup of honey if baking soda is not already in the recipe. This reduces the acidity of the honey and increase the volume of your product.

  • Moisten a measuring spoon or cup first with water, egg or oil  before measuring honey to prevent it from sticking to the utensil.

  • Honey is heavy by weight. A standard 12 oz jar equals a standard 8 oz cup. A qt weighs 3 lbs.


Happy Baking!

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