June 29, 2017

While the cooler than normal temperatures of late are nice for sleeping with the windows open, each of us has been scrounging to find the right long sleeve shirt or jacket for the brisk mornings.

It has to be just the right weight so as to give the appropriate amount of...

June 22, 2017

Just as we were loading the last box for the Madison delivery last Wednesday, a fierce wind came up and whipped our trees around, upset an orderly pile of steel, and blew towels off the clothesline. It poured, and Bill and I were soaked within seconds. The deluge laste...

June 15, 2017

Whewww, it's been hot! And "gnatty'" - a term we are using to describe when the gnats or black flies are thick and not only buzz annoyingly but seemingly attack by flying in eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. It's enough to make us want to hide in the house! We've found slat...

June 8, 2017

Since the last newsletter we've been a little distracted. At the start of the weekend, Aidan, our 13-year-old, started feeling sick. To make a long story short, after some sleepless nights and a trip to Richland Hospital Urgent Care while we tried to assess the situati...

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