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Sign up for a share from our farm and receive nutritious whole foods that not only

your grandmother but

your great grandmother and

your great, great grandmother and

(well, you get the idea)

would recognize as food.

But that's not all, because even though

you can't see it, all of the following benefits are included in

Your Box  ~  Every Time.

Fresh food. We harvest vegetables the day before delivering them - you can't get much fresher! This means your lettuce will last longer in the fridge and your cucumbers will stay crisp - if you don't eat them on the way home from pick up.

Local food. The farthest our food goes is 65 miles. And while 65 miles is farther than if it was grown in your backyard, it's nothing like getting tomatoes from California.

Reassurance. You know the farmers that grow what you eat. If you ever have a question about your food, whether it be growing methods, storage procedures, packaging, or anything else - you can ask us directly.

Tasty food. Because none of our food is shipped anywhere, we don't have to harvest it early - before it ripens. That means we can grow heirloom varieties and don't have to sacrifice flavor for "toughness." In short, your tomatoes will taste like tomatoes, your carrots will be crunchy and sweet, and your potatoes will leave you deliciously satisfied.​

Peace of mind. Organic sustainable methods are used on the farm. To be certified, we have to keep  records on which seeds we plant, when we apply compost, and how we treat pests. We're required to test our soil to show a need before we add any amendments (nutrients such as phosphorous, boron, nitrogen, etc.) to the soil. And our water is tested yearly for safety. 

Aaaannnnd . . .

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$10 off your Vegetable Share.

(No discount on the MES shares.)

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